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Isle of Man Aircraft Registration (Iom Aircraft Registry)

Why consider an Isle of Man structure to register an aircraft?

An Isle of Man structure that owns the aircraft offers a number of advantages above individual ownership, as follows:

  • Tax planning opportunities if the aircraft is owned by a company, as the Isle of Man is the only international centre that enables registration for EU VAT/IVA, along with a zero direct tax regime for Isle of Man businesses
  • Confidentiality for security-sensitive individuals as the identity of the beneficial owner or operator of the aircraft can remain private as the aircraft is owned by the structure
  • A Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s AAA rated jurisdiction
  • Limited liability if the aircraft is owned by a company, and as such minimises the financial risk associated with air disasters
  • If the company is owned by a trust, this would aid inheritance planning and provide further confidentiality
  • Clear and simple taxation regime