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Migration of Companies

The migration or redomiciliation of companies between jurisdictions is becoming increasingly common. Legislation changes have seen us assist with migrating companies out of the Isle of Man. More recently the vastly increased costs of maintaining companies Jersey has seen us specialise in migrating companies from Jersey to the Isle of Man.

At Charterhouse we have many years experience of moving companies between jurisdictions. This experience has seen us streamline these services and our company secretarial team is ideally equipped to provide this service at a fee level that compares more than favourably with any of our competitors. In addition our close relationship with local advocates ensures that the legal disbursements are also extremely competitive.

Our migration services include;

  • Redomiciling/Migrating companies out of Jersey
  • Redomiciling/Migrating companies out of the Isle of Man
  • Redomiciling/Migrating companies into the Isle of Man
  • Redomiciling/Migrating companies into Ras Al Khaimah

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