The DFIC Wills and Probate Registry was created by the Dubai Government in 2014 to offer non-Muslims residents in Dubai the ability to leave detailed instructions of where their assets and properties will be distributed posthumously. Local laws in Dubai dictate where your business, property and liquid assets must go in the event of your death. Going through the DFIC courts provide an efficient alternative legal route to provide your family long term security.

Under the registry, you can protect up to five properties with a Property Will. There is also a Free Zone Company Will, which allows you to designate precisely who receives any shareholder assets in your name. The Free Zone Will encompasses up to five different shareholdings located within Dubai or Ras Al Kaimah. It is also possible to protect all your assets under one will with the Full Will. Business owners can now register assets in Dubai, secure in knowledge that they will be protected posthumously and will provide long term security for their families.

Strict local laws mean that very specific proportions of your assets, property and business will be assigned to your partner, children and other family members and they will be powerless to modify or change these proportions. This can cause severe disruption to the family, specifically because in most cases any living male family members will receive the bulk of the inheritance.

Choosing to protect your assets through the DFIC Registry gives you a strong and valuable legal document that enforces your wishes and puts you in full control of your assets, leaving your business safe in the hands of your designated appointment. Should any further applications of objections arise during the probate proceedings, these will also be contested in the DFIC Courts in accordance with DFIC laws and rules.