The Crown Dependencies have welcomed a report by the Justice Select Committee, an influential UK parliamentary committee, which recommends that the UK government set out more clearly the constitutional position with regards to Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. In the report, the Justice Select Committee called on the UK Parliament to be “clearer… of the constitutional position, essential independence from the UK, and the fact that [the Crown Dependencies] interests need to be considered routinely in any area of UK policy-making and legislation likely to affect them.” Guernsey Chief Minister, Lyndon Trott commented on the report: “I am particularly pleased that the Committee has endorsed the work we have been carrying out to assert our international identity while recognising the duty of the UK government to represent our interests.” Isle of Man Chief Minister, Tony Brown, welcomed the outcome of the Committee’s review, stating: “It is clear that the Committee listened to and appreciated the wide range of points we made, especially about our desire to strengthen the Isle of Man’s political and diplomatic relations with other countries.” “It is particularly helpful that the Committee stated, in strong terms, that the UK government has a duty to represent our interests on the international stage, even when our interests are not the same as those of the UK.” “The Committee picked up on the recommendations made in our submission about finding appropriate mechanisms to represent our interests effectively in international discussions, and we hope to be able to work with the Ministry of Justice to put some of those measures into action.” If you would like to discuss the benefits of Isle of Man corporate structures please contact Anthony Shield on