Offshore Company Bank Account

An offshore company bank account is classified as a bank account located outside the holder’s country of residence, in a leading offshore financial centre.  There are numerous benefits an offshore bank account can provide. Offshore company banking provides higher levels of freedom, security and profitability.

Offshore banks are generally located in what is commonly called ‘offshore financial centres’. These are offshore jurisdictions that offer individuals and businesses little or no tax liability in a politically and economically static environment. Due to the developed regulations of offshore jurisdictions, offshore company bank accounts benefit from high levels of privacy, asset protection and low or zero tax rates.

Setting up an offshore account

When setting up an offshore company bank account, banks will perform the normal due diligence process. To be able to efficiently protect your assets and manage your wealth, it is vital to select the right jurisdiction for your offshore account. At Charterhouse Lombard, we help our clients select the perfect location for their offshore account by analysing our client’s financial needs and by considering their specific personal requirements.

In the modern era of anti-money-laundering regulations, it is no longer a straightforward exercise to open an offshore bank account.

Having formed your offshore company, we are able to assist you in opening a bank account in various offshore banking centres including UAE, Mauritius, The Isle of Man and Switzerland.

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