• A Foundation is a corporate entity.
  • A Foundation has no Beneficial Owner.
  • A Foundation can have perpetual or limited life.
  • A Foundation holds title to its assets.
  • A Foundation's Founder can be an individual or corporate entity.
  • The Foundation Council can be located anywhere.
  • Protector(s) can be appointed.
  • Third Parties can be incorporated into structure.
  • Beneficiaries can be individuals or corporate entities - could be another Foundation.
  • Beneficiaries are not required at the outset.
  • No Sham - Certainty is established upon registration.

Some example uses of a Private Foundation:

  • Asset & Family Protection.
  • Inheritance planning.
  • Investment holding.
  • Collection of royalties etc.
  • Owner of real estate.
  • Pre-Nuptial agreements.
  • Pensions.

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