Offshore trusts are an ideal way to protect your assets and are utilised in a number of ways.

Charterhouse Lombard provide an offshore trust formation service to help take advantage of the benefits such trusts offer. We work across a number of jurisdictions and are committed to helping you find the best offshore trust jurisdiction to meet your needs.

An offshore trust is an arrangement whereby the owner of particular assets, (who is referred to as the settlor), passes complete legal ownership of the assets in question to a trustee(s). Offshore trusts come with a number of advantages, including total and complete confidentiality. A trust is a well-established equitable arrangement which does not have to be recorded in any public register. Its terms therefore remain confidential to third parties.

A person known as the Settlor transfers property to the trustees, who can  individuals or a company, to hold that property for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The property can include anything that is capable of being transferred such as shares, money, land or real estate. Offshore trusts are often used by those wishing to protect and maximise their assets, simplify the management of their assets and their overall estate, tax planning and to protect the beneficiaries' interests.

Offshore Trust Formation

At Charterhouse Lombard, we can help you enhance your future through forming an offshore trust:

  • Estate Planning
  • Tax planning
  • Protection of family members, and preserving the family fortune
  • Avoiding disruption on death 
  • Protection from potential creditors
  • Continuing the family business

There are several jurisdictions where an offshore trust can be formed, each come with their own benefits. We will need to select a jurisdiction which for you has the best combination of low taxes, minimal regulation and confidentiality.

At Charterhouse Lombard, we offer offshore trusts in numerous offshore jurisdictions. To find out more about our offshore trust formation services, including the benefits of offshore trusts, contact a member of team today. We can help you select the best offshore trust  jurisdiction that meets your needs.

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