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Corporate Services: Offshore Company Incorporation

At Charterhouse Lombard, part of our corporate services includes offshore company incorporation. We specialise in helping our clients incorporate their limited liability companies the UK and all leading offshore jurisdictions.

We take the headache out of the incorporation and ongoing administration of offshore companies. We do this by initially working with you or your professional adviser to ensure that the structure being incorporated meets the requirements of the advice you have received.

We understand how important offshore company incorporation is to our clients and we have designed and adapted our services to ensure that our clients always get the best outcomes. Once your structure is established we can provide ongoing administration services to ensure the proper management and control meets local regulations. Ongoing administration of companies is undertaken by our administration team in the Isle of Man and Dubai. To incorporate your company offshore, there are a number of formalities to follow that vary between jurisdictions.

At Charterhouse Lombard we make this process as straightforward as possible. With over 18 years’ experience, we have incorporated thousands of companies offshore.

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