Dissatisfied with the services / charges of your existing Corporate Service Provider or concerned that they are not licensed and regulated by a recognised supervisory authority?

Then please contact Charterhouse for further information on transferring the management of your offshore company.

Subject to your company being in "good standing" with all Government duties and returns being filed and your existing Corporate Service Provider's fees being paid, we will arrange for your company to be transferred to our management free of charge.

Thereafter the day to day administration of the company and annual domiciliary charges will be in accordance with our standard fees. Please contact us now for a free and without obligation consultation here.

In the event of your company not being in good standing, we, would also be pleased to assist you. We have extensive experience in company restoration. In many cases where a company has not been properly maintained or even been struck off by the companies registrar, it is possible with the correct advice to "restore" the company and thus avoid the potential loss of an asset such as a property which is still registered in the company's name. Please contact us for further details here.

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