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Setting Up A Business in Dubai, UAE – An Overview

Company formation in Dubai is not a straightforward task. Despite this, Dubai has a unique set of appealing features that attract entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, to make Dubai a base for their operations. These are namely:

  1. No corporate tax
  2. No income tax
  3. No capital gains tax
  4. No property tax
  5. No wealth tax
  6. Low property transaction cost

Since 2000, Dubai has witnessed incredible growth throughout all sectors of its diverse economy and its Government is constantly working to improve its commercial transparency and introduce dynamic regulations that aid the formation of small and medium enterprises.

With its central geographic location between Asian and European markets, Dubai has established itself as an internationally recognised trading hub.

Dubai’s many free zones have enabled this United Arab Emirate to attract more foreign investment as free zones adhere to unique laws regarding ownership, taxation and labour. Unlike businesses in the rest of Dubai, which require at least 51% ownership by a UAE national, free zone businesses can have 100% foreign ownership.

Over the past 8 years, Charterhouse Lombard has been offering Dubai company formation services and has helped many clients establish businesses in Dubai. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through the complexities to help them successfully start a business in Dubai and be able to reap the benefits of this jurisdiction.

For more information on how we can help you in opening a company in Dubai, contact a member of our team.