The UAE is an increasingly popular destination for clients looking to establish residency or a trading company. The UAE is an ideal place for HNWI’s and entrepreneurs to obtain residency, being strategically located at the crossroads of the world with a strong economy, and is openly welcoming people looking to work and invest. It has everything an investor could ask for, including some of the best healthcare and education systems in the world. Dubai, in particular, is a haven for investment and a major offshore financial centre for international trade.

Before you can apply for a UAE residence visa (also referred to as a UAE investor visa) you first need a Free Zone Trade Licence. Once we have established the Free Trade Zone company for you, we will provide a complete visa processing solution that will supply all the prerequisites you need before you can live and work in the UAE.

We have over 11 years of experience in facilitating our clients’ residency goals, and making the necessary arrangements to help gain residency visas for those who wish to make use of the UAE’s zero corporate and zero personal tax benefits.

If you are considering residency in the UAE we will:

  • Collect you from your accommodation
  • Take you for medical and finger printing
  • Process the Emirates Identity Card
  • Collect your medical results when ready
  • Return passports complete with the 3 year residence visa
  • Assist in the opening of UAE bank accounts for companies and clients

Once you have been approved for a visa, UAE law dictates that individuals need to reside in Dubai for one day every 180 days to maintain a tax free residency and to keep your residency visa valid.

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