What are the benefits?

The benefits of a second passport can cover many areas of life, including personal safety, political liberation, and financial freedom. The benefits you enjoy with a second passport will depend largely on your reasons for acquiring one. However, there are numerous benefits of second passports that can apply to all applicants:

  • Security. If there is political unrest in a person’s home country, a second passport from a peaceful nation can be invaluable. This provides great peace of mind to investors and their families.
  • Business opportunities. Citizenship by investment programs give participants the freedom to do business in their host country. It also means investors can travel abroad more freely and explore international business opportunities.
  • Freedom of movement. Certain passports can be incredibly restrictive in terms of the holder’s global mobility. For example, a Nepalese passport only allows visa-free entry into 37 countries, whereas a passport from Cyprus allows visa-free entry into 145 countries. Having greater freedom of movement can save time and money with fewer visa applications.
  • Tax management. Dual citizenship can be beneficial for tax optimisation purposes, as each country has different tax regulations. For example, some countries do not tax capital gains, or only tax income that has been earned in that country. This allows investors to manage their earnings more efficiently.
  • Family. Many citizenship by investment programs extend to family members of the applicant, allowing investors to create a better life for their partners and children. Second passports offer access to worldwide opportunities and resources, including healthcare and education.
  • Education. A second citizenship can help investors or their children to access education opportunities in schools around the world. Dual citizenship can qualify prospective students for domestic tuition fees instead of international fees, making higher level education more accessible.


Who can obtain a second passport?

Your second passport options will depend on several factors such as your current citizenship, the preferred country for your second citizenship, and your family history. There are three main methods for obtaining a second passport; citizenship by investment, naturalisation, and citizenship by descent. Charterhouse Lombard specialises in citizenship by investment programs. This is often the fastest and easiest way to obtain a second passport.
Also known as “economic citizenship”, citizenship by investment requires you to invest in certain government programmes or purchase real estate. There are numerous countries offering citizenship by investment programmes, each with its different rules. In most cases, this is a straightforward process and requires a very short period of residence in the country. However, some countries require no period of residence whatsoever, allowing you to obtain a second passport with no disruption to your lifestyle.

Popular Citizenship by Investment Countries:

Citizenship by investment programmes can cost anything from $100,000 upwards, depending on circumstances. Choosing a country for your second citizenship is a decision involving several factors, and you will need to be aware of everything involved before making your decision. Our citizenship advisors can discuss the particulars of your situation and give you all the information you need to find the right citizenship by investment program for you.


How can Charterhouse Lombard help?

Acquiring a second passport can be a complicated and expensive process if you do not have the right information. Charterhouse Lombard’s years of experience with citizenship by investment programmes mean we can make the process smoother and more affordable for you. You can schedule a call with us so our citizenship experts can understand exactly what you need from a second citizenship. Once we have all the relevant information, we can show you the second passport options that will benefit you most.

The demand for second passports is growing, as high net worth citizens feel that their personal and financial opportunities are being limited by their citizenship. If you want greater access to the global business network, Charterhouse Lombard can free you from restrictions and help you to become an international citizen.