What is onshore company registration?


Onshore company registration is required for a foreign investor who wishes to do any of the following in the UAE:

  • Conduct trade or provide local services
  • Rent an office or other commercial premises outside of designated free zones.
  • Obtain a resident visa while conducting business locally.

Onshore companies can be incorporated under two main structures.

  • Dubai LLCs:  these are not restricted in their location and can operate anywhere in the UAE.
  • Branch Office: these are offshoots of a parent company that is incorporated outside of the UAE.

These structures have their own registration requirements, which Charterhouse Lombard will explain and guide you through.


What are the benefits?

  • The benefits of onshore company registration in Dubai/the UAE include:
  • 0% corporation tax and low rates of VAT at 5%
  • Unlimited visa access for all shareholders and their direct relatives
  • Easy and fast registration, with an average lead time that’s normally less than 14 days
  • Opportunity for greater financial freedom with a UAE bank account
  • A simple regulatory system that allows businesses to thrive without obstacles

Each form of onshore company offers dozens of additional benefits, and Charterhouse Lombard can advise you on which structure would best suit your business. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of registering an onshore company, you can request a call or email us.


Who can obtain an onshore company registration?

Foreign investors are welcome to register an onshore company in the UAE, provided they follow the local guidelines during every stage of the process. Charterhouse Lombard are here to guide you through the different stages as you register your onshore company. Our extensive first-hand experience means we know what will be required at every stage of the process.

In order to register an onshore company, you will need to adhere to UAE law regarding subjects such as the name and structure of your onshore company. Your company will also need to obtain the relevant licenses in order to operate. There are three types of licences which can apply to onshore companies in the UAE:

  1. Trade licence - required for all trading activities within the UAE. You will need a trade licence if your business will be transporting or storing goods.
  2. Industrial license - required by any business that wishes to invest in natural resources or process raw materials. This licence covers manufacturing, packing, and distribution of finished products.
  3. Professional licence - required for service-based activities such as consulting, financial, medical, or educational services.

Onshore company registration normally takes up to two weeks, depending on the structure. Incorporation costs will vary depending on your company’s location and industry. We can organise all the relevant documentation and manage your application, keeping you informed as your registration is processed.


How can Charterhouse Lombard help?

Registering an onshore company is a process that can be difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the relevant government procedures. At Charterhouse Lombard, we provide step-by-step assistance so your onshore company is registered quickly, conveniently and at a competitive price.

Our comprehensive range of services covers the entire process of onshore company registration in the UAE. Our specialist consultants will provide you with advice that is specific to your business situation. Using our first-hand experience of the process, we will guide you through every stage of your onshore company registration. We will ensure that all corporate obligations are met, to ensure your company can begin trading as soon as possible. We offer ongoing administrative management services to ensure that once your onshore company is registered, it operates smoothly within UAE business guidelines.

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