170 companies make the move to the DMCC every month because of the multitude of enticing benefits. From the date of incorporation, businesses in the DMCC enjoy a 0% personal and corporate income for 50 years. There are no restrictions on remittance payments back to home territories which allow expatriates to retain complete ownership of their businesses.

The endless opportunities for expansion put the DMCC among the world’s leading trade zones. With 13,000-member businesses, there are an abundance of networking opportunities for your business to access new global markets.

The DMCC also provides flexible business solutions, offering everything from flexi-desks for small start-ups, to multi-story offices available for lease or purchase. It is this sort of adaptability that has enabled the region to flourish and welcome some of the biggest brands across a multitude of industries, while providing the support infrastructure that allows new companies to develop and succeed within their sectors.

DMCC members are connected to an expansive online portal that provides access to a vast range of services, with no restriction on location or the devices used to log in. This ensures business owners are able to maximise the full potential of their business by utilising the network at their disposal.

The location of the DMCC in central Dubai keeps it in easy reach of both the Jebel Ali Port harbour and Expo2020 airports. This also places it close by to many of the most renowned retail and residential areas commonly associated with the city.

Almost 100,000 people make-up the vibrant local community in the DMCC, all of whom get to enjoy the many perks that come with living in such a prestigious region. It features 66 beautifully constructed towers which overlook a stunning waterfront locale and beautifully sculptured park area. All of which includes access to world class restaurants, hotels and the very best healthcare and education facilities.