What is a free zone visa?

The UAE’s free zones offer businesses a lot of benefits. There are over 45 free zones in total, and many offer tax exemptions for companies that operate within them, plus 100% foreign ownership.

However, having the right visa is important in order to operate your company effectively. The visa assists you with opening a company bank account, obtaining a local UAE phone number and many other business activities.

Free zone visas can be obtained from the Immigration Department (not the Ministry of Labour), and are valid for three years. After this time, you’ll need to renew the visa, in order to continue living and working in the country.

How to get your UAE free zone visa

The process for gaining a free zone visa is as follows:

  1. Apply for Entry Permit

  2. Entry permit received client has 60 days to fly to Dubai with said permit.

  3. Entry permit stamped on arrival in Dubai

  4. Collect entry permit and original passport from client and get medical fitness report and emirates Identity card application typed at typing Centre.

  5. Collect client and take for medical test.

  6. Receive medical fitness report confirmation.

  7. Collect client and take for emirates ID card biometrics.

  8. Process basic medical insurance certificate.

  9. Submit passport, medical result, emirates iD process confirmation and copy of basic medical insurance to freezone.

  10. Visa stamped in passport.

  11. Collect passport from freezone and deliver to client.

  12. Client emirates identity card delivered to our P.O. Box - collect and deliver to client.

  13. Process complete.  



Frequently asked questions

Which free zone should I select?

This depends on what sector your company is in, and your other business needs too. Each UAE free zone usually caters for a specific sector (or sectors).

How much does it cost?

There are a variety of different fees involved with obtaining a free zone visa. To find out more about what you can expect to pay, get in touch with Charterhouse Lombard today.

Is it difficult to get a UAE free zone visa?

Some aspects can be complicated, which is why it’s useful to work with an industry professional. There are freezone visa rules and regulations which you must follow. You should also be aware of the free zone visa processing time and how this can affect your application. Charterhouse Lombard’s team are on hand to assist with the entire process.

Charterhouse Lombard – Free zone visa experts

Working in one of the UAE’s free zones can be incredibly lucrative. If you want to set up your business in the UAE and need help with the process (including getting a free zone visa), contact us today. With over 16 years’ experience of operating in the UAE, we are experts in this field. We can advise on aspects of your application, including the freezone visa rules and processing time. Contact us today.