Malta Citizenship By Investment


EU citizenship

Malta is one of the three European Union Citizenship by Investment Countries EU citizens have the right to live, work, and study in any of the 26 EU member states and Switzerland. EU citizens are also entitled to medical treatment in any EU country; they can acquire a free European health insurance card, which entitles them to the same healthcare as the country’s local population. Malta allows dual citizenship, so investors do not need to renounce their home citizenship. The Maltese government will not inform an investor’s home country of their new citizenship.

Business advantages

A Maltese citizenship gives investors greater access to the EU market, and Maltese citizens can benefit from Malta’s double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries around the world. Malta passport holders do not pay inheritance, wealth, municipality, or real estate tax. Malta does not tax foreign income or capital gains, and there are several tax concessions available to non-domiciled company owners.

International mobility

Malta passport holders can travel to 182 countries without a visa, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the US. Maltese citizens are automatically EU citizens and enjoy free movement within the EU, including the Schengen Area. If you travel to a country which does require a visa, a Maltese passport makes visa applications faster and more likely to be accepted.


Investment Options

The Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) requires the applicant to make the following financial contributions. Unlike other citizenship by investment programmes where the applicant can choose between a government contribution and purchasing real estate, MIIP applicants must reach all financial requirements.

  • €650,000 contribution to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund. Spouses or children under 18 must pay an additional €25,000 per person. Dependants over 18 such as adult children (up to the age of 26) or parents (over the age of 55) must pay an additional €50,000 per person.

  • Retain a residence in Malta for a 5-year period, either purchasing property worth a minimum of €350,000 or renting a property for a minimum of €16,000 per year.
  • €150,000 investment in Maltese government bonds.

In addition to these amounts, each application will involve processing fees.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

1. The client signs a retainer agreement for Charterhouse Lombard to act as their advisor for application, due-diligence & legal processes.

2. Charterhouse Lombard prepares the supporting documents and files, as well as a residency card fast-track to prepare the client for a visit with a Maltese Consul. There is a four-month background check before the in-principle approval.

3. The client reviews properties and conducts due diligence with developers. The client selects one or more properties with a minimum value of €350,000 or enters into a 5-year rental contract for at least €16,000 p.a.

4. The client contributes €650,000 to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund and invests €150,000 in government bonds.

5. The client transfers necessary fees into an approved escrow account. This has a 100% refund status assigned to it, depending on the approval or rejection of the application. After the transfer, the client submits the application for permanent residence and citizenship with any supporting documentation.

6. Permanent residency is issued 12 months after the final payment. Charterhouse Lombard receives client passport(s). Passport can be either picked up from Charterhouse Lombard office or delivered to the client’s home address (locally or internationally).

7. Permanent residency is issued 3-4 weeks after property purchase.

8. Citizenship approval takes place within 10 weeks.

9. Passport is issued after a further 14-16 weeks (6 months after PR card is issued).

10. After 3 years, the client may sell any property they have purchased as long as they maintain a total property worth of at least €500,000 on the island indefinitely.


Malta Citizenship by Investment Services

If you’re interested in gaining Maltese Citizenship through Investment, contact Charterhouse Lombard. We can help you through the entire process of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program. We are experts in assisting individuals to obtain second passports . Contact Us today or fill out the form on this page.

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