Portugal Citizenship By Investment

Portugal Golden Visa Benefits

International mobility

During the initial residency period, Portuguese investors can live, work and study in Portugal. They also have visa-free access to all EU states, including the Schengen Area. Once a resident becomes a citizen, they receive a Portuguese passport and can travel to 184 countries without a visa. A Portuguese passport is one of the best in the world, and is easily accepted in visa applications. In order to maintain residence, investors need to spend just seven days a year in Portugal. While in Portugal, residents have access to the same level of healthcare and education as Portuguese citizens.

Business advantages

Portuguese residency gives investors easy access to European markets and the use of the Euro, one of the world’s largest currencies. Residents and citizens can become non-habitual tax residents in Portugal, which exempts investors from certain tax rates for a 10-year period. Non-habitual residents do not pay tax on foreign income. Non-habitual tax residency does not happen automatically with a golden visa and must be applied for separately.

Citizenship for family members

Investors can include spouses, parents and dependants such as children (under the age of 28) on their Portugal Golden Visa Application. All family members will receive the benefits of Porutguese residency, and can become citizens after the initial five-year period. All family members receive the same benefits, but also must fill the residency requirement of seven days per year. Portugal allows dual citizenship, so investors can hold a Portuguese passport without renouncing their original citizenship.


Portugal Golden Visa Requirements

Investment Options

Investors have two investment options to choose from in order to secure Portuguese residency.

Option 1

Applicants can make one of the following capital investments:

  • €1 million minimum investment in shares of Portuguese companies.

  • €350,000 minimum investment in Portuguese scientific research.

  • €250,000 minimum investment in Portuguese arts, or restoration/refurbishment of national heritage projects.

  • €500,000 minimum shares in investment funds or venture capital

Option 2

Applicants can make one of the following real estate investments:

  • Acquisition of property worth a minimum of €500,000

  • Acquisition of property worth a minimum of €350,000. This property must be at least 30 years old and located in an urban regeneration area.
  • Acquisition of property worth a minimum of €280,000 , if purchased in a low density population area.


Portugal Golden Visa Application

Steps and Procedures

1. The client signs a retainer agreement for Charterhouse Lombard to act as their advisor for application, due-diligence & legal processes.

2. Charterhouse Lombard arranges the client’s visit to the Portuguese embassy to attest the required list of documents.

3. The client transfers the investment amount and any applicable fees into an approved escrow account.

4. The client travels to Portugal for biometrics and to submit the application for permanent residence, along with the supporting documentation.

5. Temporary residency is issued within 4 months of the Portuguese property purchase.

6. “Golden visa” renewal applications should be sent every year for the next 4 years. Permanent residency will be granted in year 5.

7. After six years of residency, the client can apply for Portuguese citizenship. Citizenship will be granted within 3-6 months depending on individual approval.


Portugal Citizenship by Investment Services

If you’re interested in the gaining Portuguese citizenship by investment, contact Charterhouse Lombard. We can help you through the entire process of the Portugal Golden Visa Application. We are experts in assisting individuals to obtain second passports. Contact Us today or fill out the form on this page.

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