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Offshore Companies: Formation & Incorporation Services

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Charterhouse has become one of the leading licensed providers of offshore company services worldwide by ensuring we always offer fast and efficient facilitation of the offshore company incorporation process.

If you are considering incorporating and administering an offshore company with offshore bank account facilities then Charterhouse Lombard can help. Our offshore companies can be used to maintain and create wealth and conduct international trading, contracting or consulting services, property holding and asset protection activities.

Offshore Companies also bring advantages that go beyond taxation, such as facilitating direct investment into certain jurisdictions, managing withholding taxes on foreign income and holding intellectual property, to name but a few.

Working across a number of jurisdictions, we strive to give our clients the best service possible when they are looking to form an offshore company. We have designed our company incorporation services to reflect the skills and abilities of our professional consultants. Our offshore services include formation and administration of offshore companies, preparation of corporate and business documentation, establishment of bank accounts, and the provision of directors, company secretary and nominee shareholders.

With more than 18 years’ experience in offshore company formation and incorporation, we provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Furthermore Charterhouse has developed roots in the most popular jurisdictions. Below are just a few of the locations we can deliver offshore company formations for our clients:

Offshore Company Formations:


For more information about our offshore company formation and incorporation services, contact a member of our team.