Dubai Expo 2021 opened its doors on 1 October 2021 and will run for six months.  The event is the first time that the Middle East is host to Expo. The Dubai Expo 2021 focuses on moving investments to a non-oil-based economy and sustainable development in the United Arab Emirates. Due to significant investment in infrastructure and related projects, Expo 2021 looks set to be a resounding success.

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What is Dubai Expo 2021?

The expo event is officially called Dubai Expo 2020 (Expo 2020 Dubai). However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisers postponed the world expo for a year. It started on 1 October and will end at the end of March 2022. The event will bring around 25 million investors, tourists, and foreign entrepreneurs to Dubai.

To host the event Expo Dubai 2021, the government invested billions of dollars in developing the 4.3 sq km site. The exhibition consists of several pavilions that will allow exhibitors from 192 countries to put on sustainability, mobility, and investment opportunity events.

It is estimated that the benefit to the local economy could be as much as $33.4 billion and support over 900,000 jobs in Dubai.  

Facts About Dubai Expo 2021

Here are some quick facts about Dubai Expo 2021:

  • Economic activity during the event will equal 1.5 per cent of UAE GDP
  • Construction costs were $7.35 billion
  • The central theme of Expo 2021 is “Connecting minds, creating the future”
  • The event was originally to run from 20 October 2020 until 10 April 2021
  • Fifty per cent of the energy used to run Expo 2021 is from renewable sources
  • Dubai Expo 2021 is the first global event after the coronavirus pandemic to allow spectators

The Benefits from Dubai Expo 2021

With climate change being one of the hot topics in 2021, the Expo will showcase solutions to the most significant challenges facing humanity. During the six months, exhibits will demonstrate innovations in addressing cultural, environmental, and economic concerns.

Dubai Expo 2021 features three thematic districts or subthemes. Here is what visitors can expect:

  • Sustainability District: Visitors can see innovative examples of efforts to preserve delicate ecosystems. There is an emphasis on how to co-exist harmoniously with the natural world. Exhibitions highlight solar energy, clean energy, the smart use of water, and how to live more sustainably.
  • Mobility District: The Mobility pavilion shows visitors how technology can help make lives better. It is possible to see the benefits smart cities will bring and how artificial intelligence and autonomous transport will impact lives. There is also the largest passenger lift in the world, capable of taking 160 persons.
  • Opportunity District: In the Opportunity pavilion, visitors will have the chance to explore solutions to issues related to climate change, biodiversity, space exploration and human health.

Throughout the vast site built in the desert, visitors can visit the various country pavilions that showcase cultural experiences, activities and innovations. In addition, there are partner pavilions, organisation pavilions and special pavilions. There it is possible to see what multinational organisations are doing to balance sustainability with economic growth.

Dubai Expo 2021 — In Conclusion

Dubai Expo 2021 is the biggest event to take place in the Arab world. The six-month event aims to highlight how technology can boost economic development in an ever-changing changing world. For investors in the UAE, Expo Dubai will also bring tremendous opportunities to set Dubai at the forefront of business investment.