There are numerous reasons why an expat would want to settle in Dubai with a family. The UAE has established itself as one of the world’s leading trade and economic hubs. Low tax arrangements and the ease of doing business for foreign internationals makes it an excellent place to both work and live. Low crime rates, international schools and lower costs of living compared to many Western states, makes it an ideal place to settle with family.  

All non GCC nationals wishing to reside in the UAE, will require a UAE residency visa. One of the most popular options for expats with business ambitions is through company formation. Establishing a company enables individuals to obtain residency for themselves and any family that they might have.

Investor Visa through Company Formation

A popular option for expats wanting to settle in Dubai with their family is via an Investor Visa through Company Formation. The Investor Visa lasts for three years and is eligible for individuals setting up a company the in the UAE.

3-Year Investor Residency Visa

Setting up a company in a UAE Free zone enables investors to obtain a 3-year Investor Residence Visa. This is also termed a ‘UAE Investor Visa’. Following the formation of the company and processing of the visa, the holder is eligible to sponsor their family. Following its expiration, the 3-year Investor Residency Visa can be continuously renewed.

UAE Investor VISA Requirements

Before you can apply for a UAE investor visa you first need to establish a company. This can be either mainland or free zone. Charterhouse Lombard are experts in UAE Company formation and can assist with finding the right set up for your business. Once we have established the company for you, we provide a complete visa processing solution that will everything you need before you can legally live and work in the UAE.

UAE Investor VISA Benefits

The UAE has everything an investor could wish for their family, including some of the best healthcare and education systems in the world. Some of the main advantage to obtaining a residence visa in the UAE include:

  • Access to covid vaccinations.
  • Advantageous tax arrangements
  • Permission to buy property, get a driving license and open a UAE bank account
  • Access to public services, including hospitals, schools and universities
  • Residency in a country with a robust economy and a stable political climate.
  • Ability to operate more freely within one of the world’s leading trade and economic hubs

Settling in Dubai with a family

There are numerous options open to individuals and entrepreneurs wanting to settle in Dubai with their family. An investor can choose from multiple business license types, activities, office types, free zone locations and more. To find out more about the options available to you, get in contact with Charterhouse Lombard.